All Packages

  • alt (0.0.4) Alt, Player Package
    The Alt Package contains the basic player hierarchy and defines a basic set of VR verbs.
  • ask (0.0.2) Ask, Query Package
    Ask implements queries based on relational algebra.
  • ask_tests (0.0.1) Ask, Query Package Tests
  • autoport (0.0.3) Autoport Package
  • blink (0.0.1) Blink, Structured Document Package
  • checkpointer (0.0.5) Checkpointer Package
  • core (0.0.4) Core Package
    The Core package contains objects that work with and/or extend the Kernel package.
  • dialog (0.1.2) Dialog, Web Server Package
    Dialog is the Stunt HTTP server.
  • dialog_extras (0.0.7) Dialog, Extras
    The Dialog Extras package contains objects that extend Dialog: file server, db object server, upgrade protocol handler, and logger.
  • identity (0.0.3) Identity Package
    The identity package provides mechanisms for establishing player/user identity.
  • kernel (1.1.5) Kernel Package
    The kernel package comprises the minimal set of objects necessary to hack on and/or bootstrap a core.
  • kernel_tests (1.0.10) Kernel Tests
  • lambdacore (0.0.5) LambdaCore Package
  • martian (0.0.1) Martian's Utilities Package
    MidgardCORE Utilities
  • mettle (0.0.2) Mettle
    Mettle is a unit and behavioral testing framework.
  • mettle_tests (0.0.2) Mettle Tests
    Mettle is a unit and behavioral testing framework. These are its tests.
  • model (0.0.1) Model Package
  • model_tests (0.0.1) Model Package Tests
    Tests for the Model package.
  • mustache (1.0.1) Mustache Templating Language Package
    A MOO/Stunt port of the popular Mustache templating language (
  • mustache_tests (1.0.1) Mustache Package Tests
    Tests for the Mustache package.
  • mysqlfrob (0.0.1) MySQL frob package
  • persistent (0.0.2) Persistent Package
    Persistent creates and manages the associated Stunt filesystem. The package includes the $attachable mixin.
  • plastic (1.0.1) Plastic, MOOcode Parser Toolkit Package
    Plastic is the MOOcode parser toolkit. It comprises an extended MOOcode language parser and compiler, and is compatible with the Stunt verb language extension mechanism.
  • primitive (0.0.6) Primitive Package
    The primitive package comprises prototype objects for LambdaMOO primitive data-types, utility operations on primitives, and objects for basic functional-style programming.
  • primitive_tests (0.0.2) Primitive Tests
    The primitive tests package comprises tests for the primitive package.
  • text_tools (0.0.1) Text Tools
    The Text Tools package provides tools for working with text. Currently it only provides an implementation of the patience diff algorithm.
  • text_tools_tests (0.0.1) Text Tools Tests
    The Text Tools Tests package contains tests for the Text Tools package.
  • unit (1.0.5) Unit Test Package
    The Unit package contains unit testing machinery for Stunt. It also defines the `@test' VR verb.